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Resilience is the ability to bounce back from adversity. This definition embodies everything we believe to be true about the incredible capabilities of the human body with regards to rehabilitation and performance enhancement. Our holistic, comprehensive model has been constructed to take a proactive approach to your health rather than the traditional reactive method that has failed so miserably. The national statistics for obesity, opioid addiction, and depression clearly reveal that a new approach is necessary. Our community deserves better and that is why Resilience was created.


  • Doctors of Physical Therapy with a focus on modern and progressive techniques and philosophy, the Resilience staff is highly skilled and certified in various interventions.

  • Extensive experience with the aging population and geriatric population with regards to home health, fall prevention, joint replacements, arthritic issues, chronic pain, dizziness, and strength and conditioning

  • Central Kentucky’s only Board-Certified Sports Specialist- Dr. Chris Sharrock

  • Advanced certification and training in Dry Needling for a variety of conditions

  • Specialization and advanced training in joint and spinal manipulation and manual therapy

  • Time tested and trusted expertise in general orthopedics, spinal conditions, and sports medicine

  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with 13+ years experience coaching people of all ages and ability levels



  • Our clinic is NOT the typical PT facility! Resilience Physical Therapy is outfitted with specialized turf and rubber flooring as well as a wide variety unique, functional equipment. You will not find a comparable facility in Winchester!

  • Highly visible and central location in the Colby Station Shopping Plaza in Winchester, Kentucky

  • Located in central Kentucky and a short commute for surrounding areas

  • We invite you to come take a look at our facility and meet our team! Our sole focus is providing you with a fun, energetic, and unique experience that exceeds your expectations.



  • Our mission is to provide you with holistic, comprehensive facility that exceeds your expectations with regards to rehabilitation and performance.

  • You will work directly with our Doctors of Physical Therapy to establish and execute a systematic plan of care.

  • We strive for you to take control of your health and be free of dependence on any medical provider and/or medication.

  • Whether your goal is to squat 500 pounds or play with your grandkids…we have you covered!

Why Resilience?

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